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A redraw of a screenshot from Yellow Submarine because... i just really like this movie okay

Programs used: Colors!3D (drawing), PicsArt (minor editing and filtering)

(Original screenshot under the cut)

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The music video for "Help!" has no business being as funny as it is

-Ringo not being able to play the drums on set so he's just holding an umbrella the whole time and he looks. so depressed

-The other three beatles trying as hard as possible to be visible in the shot whenever the camera focuses on John

-Paul bouncing up and down as much as possible while still convincingly fake-playing his bass

-George not even trying to convincingly fake-play

-Ringo looks so sad give the boi his drums

-John being moved around by all Paul's bouncing and apparently just not caring

-George's face when the snow starts falling, the perfect "wtf" face

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wtf camera did they use for the strawberry fields forever video. that video was probably filmed around 1967 and the quality is better than my 2018 phone camera. it looks like it could've been filmed last week

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holy shit the beatles are time travelers

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oh god

oh fuck

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People saying Yesterday or Hey Jude is the best beatles song. Fools. The best beatles song is Happiness is a Warm Gun but only the first 42 seconds

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*2018 mix

Someone on discord called my last edit "gayvolver" so i did...bi flag

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John Lennon's eyes in the music video for Come Together: ^^