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mush -
Brooklyn Gates 2019

Blue dumbass AKA Rin Okumura

There he is. The boy. 


Sometimes a family is the King Koopa, his plumber boyfriend, and their 8 adopted Koopalings.

Unknown Artist | Something to Hide

Everybody's got it


during their early friendship, farraige is really touch-sensitive on account of being a big and dangerous dragon - aerandir accidentally touches him on multiple occasions without meaning to 


Mixtape - Digital Oil Painting

A pensive moment with a special gift.

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hiruma -

- Hiroshi Nagai

coffee -

yeah i enjoy uhh... *looks at smudged writing on hand* mixed meatier

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renfief 2019

i'll get around to the ivysaur at some point to round it out!


been a while since i've drawn me and my team owo

mix of my faves from my game of moon and the swsh reveals
(dont @ me abt there being 8 instead of 6, i like to have backups to switch between for type advantages)

(also comfey and klefki would b useful outside of battles and im love them smol and round)

pantransautie -

how do people draw fine lines 

pantransautie -

how do people shade 

pantransautie -

how does one even art 

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small jelly man

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The Ink Trio

Ah the brother and sister in their usual banter, Boris doesn't care -D-)

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AngelTea / Nine

Inktober #7: Enchanted

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Another older thing I like. This was my half of an art trade with Gainstrive on Flight Rising/Tumblr

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@zylphide / shiny-rayquaza

get ur organic, homegrown galaxies here

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Inktober Day 6: Husky


Hello?? I love him so much more now??

I don't feel like I even changed his design much but like he was so much more fun to draw!! For comparison, this is some older art of him: