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Just remembered i forgot to post this yesterday so. Here's a Mystery Skulls Animated edit i did as practice

Song is "Are You Ready?" by Graham Coxon

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Ever since I started making art for myself and myself alone my confidence in my art has gone through the fucking roof.

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Obviously it's nice to get validation for your art! I totally get that feeling. But I think you should create things that make you happy first and if others end up liking that creation, then good for you!

Cringe culture is dead and you should draw whatever the fuck makes you happy!

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i would MUCH rather a tv show have a vulnerable autistic character who needs support (you know, like they do in real life) than have a tv show tell me that this character is a horrible person for having symptoms

The music video for In Bloom by Nirvana is good cuz it starts out like "haha let's do a 50's throwback isn't that cool :)" and ends like KURT COBAIN IS WEARING A DRESS AND YEETING A GIANT VASE ACROSS THE STAGE

I don't fully get why Damon (the lead singer) said he didn't like The Great Escape. he said it was "messy" and like yeah, it is, but that's what makes it cool! It's not like Angelic 2 the Core where there's too much going on at once and it's overwhelming. Every bit of the song is contributing and i think that's ultra gucci

My new hobby is going on twitch streams of Untitled Goose Game and helping out the players

Ok RHCP's By the Way album is already one of if not my favorite album but i feel like it would be better if it were ordered like this

By the Way

This is the Place

On Mercury

Universally Speaking

The Zephyr Song

Warm Tape

I Could Die for You



Don't Forget Me


Throw Away Your Television

Minor Thing


Can't Stop

Venice Queen

This ordering makes the themes of the album more evident and also puts the best two songs on the album are right next to each other at the end which is good

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Repour with which part of the body and head you start drawing first!!!

I start with the torso and nose :3

She's the cutest! Don't you love her?

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me, inside, under my blankets during a day time rain: mmmm yess gimme that ThUNdoR

Witchdistance (c)

A cute bat for a friend 

ask game

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(post taken from cruxius on tumblr)

Without looking at my bio, guess these things about me based on how you percieve me:



-zodiac sign

-romantic status

-favorite genre of music


-introverted or extroverted

-favorite season

(you don't have to do all of them!)

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I spent over an hour trying to do "Sir Psycho Sexy" in Vib Ribbon and I kept failing spectactularly

For context, that song is eight minutes long

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For anyone wondering, I didn't manage to finish it, but the farthest i got was to the guitar outro that's 5 and a half minutes in

alantutorial fans will see a blue chair and just start crying