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Talks about music a lot

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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Dude, sick reference to Snoop Dogg smoking weed. I can’t believe you’re so clever. You were clever enough to bring up Sm – Snoop smoking weed on your stream, because you KNEW that Snoap Dogg smoke weed, and Smoke Dogg, he is s҉m҉d҉snoop. And you KNEW that if you brought up the Smook Dogg smokin 𝚍veed, that you – people would know that! And they would 𝕔𝕝𝕒𝕡!

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blanca.. heard tht theyre not in new horizonz :(


All for the 'Gram
Bitches love the 'Gram

Roxanne, Roxanne
All she wanna do is party all night
Goddamn, Roxanne
Never gonna love me but it's alright

Finally finished this, and man did it turn out nice!!

I can’t wait for Animal Crossing New Horizons and Bill & Ted Face the Music. <3

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I've taken so many pictures in this game. The camera is just so good!

Carrd: Sorry, but unless you give us money you can only have 3 sites per account :(
Me, making another account: I am above you

me: i like this drawing

one minor mistake that isn't a big deal:

me: if i don't fix this and repost it i will die

Back to the Future (movie): Meet this wacky teenage hooligan, Marty McFly, who goes back in time with a DeLorean made by mad scientist Doc Brown- but uh-oh! He messed with the timeline and has no way to get home! Now he must fix the timeline and find a way to get home!! :)

Back to the Future (telltale game): Alternate Universe Doc Brown Has Started a Futuristic Hyper-Surveillanced Totalitarian Regime

This game is so pretty!! I love this picture taken in game~

I don't wanna spoil much about the new animal crossing for those who haven't played it (unless someone asks me to of course) but everything in this game is so pretty

My datemate and I both predownloaded animal crossing so we both played it for the first time when it got released and we got to talk about the game together and it was just 🥺 a really good time

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How do people even come up with funny shit? Y'all are wizards

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Looking through your Google Drive trash is a trip. Like, I have a doc in there that just has the word "Fuzzy" on it. What was I planning to write? Only past me knows.

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trash panda

zigzagoon stencil i did to get back into stencilling. gonna spray paint this one when i get the chance but for now just markers

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A short comic about Schrodinger's Cat. One of my favorite comics I've made.

edit: it appears the last 3 pages have been missing since i uploaded this 2 weeks ago! whoops. now fixed.

edit2: nevermind, that seems to have removed all but 1 of the pages. apparently this is an issue with the site, so i'll wait a week before trying to edit this post again. Sorry!

edit 3: should be good now?? fingers crossed.

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game: send assumptions abt this blogger - will answer true or false!

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I did not really draw his hair right on account of me not using a reference, anyways have a Bride Dan

Andrej Dúbravský (Slovakian, b. 1987), Yellow Evening, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 95 x 80 cm.