Ch-Ch-Ch-Churchill got his lucky number

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Why did God make boys so. damn. PRETTY

ok-computer on / Mellowship on Colors!Live

this movie... 💞💕💖💕💞💕💞💗💞💕

not watermarking with my waterfall account anymore cuz having to put different watermarks on my art just to post on different sites is. so tiring

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What was your favorite scene from Rocketman?

umm,,, tough choice but probably the Bennie and the Jets scene!

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Give boys flowers 2k20

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times i feel like i don't have a partner

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gender is a sandbox game. limited tools, unlimited possibilities

i think about a grand total of 2 albums ever

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would u like to talk about our lord and saviour minecraft

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mINCEraft is          favoryte





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Brooklyn Gates 2019

Blue dumbass AKA Rin Okumura

There he is. The boy. 

safe post #3

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This cat is having a nap on this comfortable chair. This cat is healthy and safe. 

Me: Modern Life is Rubbish, Parklife, and The Great Escape are all equally amazing albums, stop trying to pit them against each other

Also me (a clown and a fool): But what if one was better than the others

People say Damon is the cutest member of Blur, and they're right, but *thinks about Alex in the Sunday Sunday music video*

Me: I will never change my waterfall url

Me five minutes later: 😏

I left a discord server yesterday and i just realized my last screenshot from it is me saying "For the meme, I'm cutting his dick off"

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when your shift is over

When Panic! At the Disco did a cover of Karma Police and changed the second "when you mess with us..." to "when you FUCK with us!" they had the right idea

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what's the vibe y'all 

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some music executive really asked john lennon how he wanted "i want you (she's so heavy)" to end and john was just like "yeah"

Just remembered i forgot to post this yesterday so. Here's a Mystery Skulls Animated edit i did as practice

Song is "Are You Ready?" by Graham Coxon

Karma police, delete this clown

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On a lighter note, I'm seeing art routinely start hitting 20+ notes

That's excellent and means that there's a culture of reblogging instead of just liking stuff forming. Keep it up! I want to see stuff hitting triple digits by April

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Ever since I started making art for myself and myself alone my confidence in my art has gone through the fucking roof.

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Obviously it's nice to get validation for your art! I totally get that feeling. But I think you should create things that make you happy first and if others end up liking that creation, then good for you!

Cringe culture is dead and you should draw whatever the fuck makes you happy!


Sometimes a family is the King Koopa, his plumber boyfriend, and their 8 adopted Koopalings.